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All Boys Skill and Drill Cards Featuring a Boy model 150+ Cards

All Boys Skill and Drill Cards Featuring a Boy model 150+ Cards

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This is all boys cards. See index (minus skills in red) These are digital products, PDFs to allow you to print year after year.



FS1 Forward Roll (Wedge)

FS2 Forward Roll

FS3 Connected Forward Rolls

FS4 Dive Roll

FS4A Dive Roll Drills

FS5 Straddle Roll

BS1 Backward Roll (wedge)

BS2 Backward Roll (wedge) to Pushup

BS3  Backward Roll

BS4 Straight Arm Backward Roll

BS5 Backward Roll to Handstand

BS6 Backward Straddle Roll

ER1 Endo Roll on Box

ER2 Endo Roll on Floor

ER3 Endo Roll to Handstand

Scales, Holds  and Jumps

S1 Front Scale

S2 Side Scale

S3 Back Scale

S4 Sissone Drill

S5 Punch

S6 Arch to Straddle

S7 Y Scale

S8 Jump Full Turn


H1 Bunny Hop

H2 Tuck Handstand

H3 Piked Handstand

H4 Tripod

H5 Three-point Headstand

H6 L Handstand

H7 Handstand

H8 Handstand Forward Roll

H8A Handstand Forward Roll Drill

H9 Pike-up Handstand Forward Roll

H9A Pike-up Handstand Forward Roll Drill

H10 Press to Stand

H10A Press to Handstand Drill 

H11 Press to Handstand (Wall)

H12 Press to Handstand

H13 Pirouette Drill

H14 Handstand shoulder taps on wall

H15 Wall Walk in Handstand

H16 Forward Roll to Handstand


RO1 Cartwheel over mat

RO2 Cartwheel off mat

RO3 Side Cartwheel

RO4 Cartwheel 1/4 Turn-in

RO5 Cartwheel between wedges

RO6 Hurdle + Cartwheel

RO7 Hurdle + Round-off

RO8 Round off Fall Backward



PH1 Support Shape Holds

PH1A Elevated Support Shape Holds


PH2 Walk through circle

PH3 Jump through circle

PH4 1/4 Circle

PH5 1/2 Circle

PH6 3/4 Circle

PH7 1/1 Circle

PH8 >1 Circle


PH9 Front Support (Handles)

PH10 Support Walk P-Bars

PH11 Front Support Walk

PH12 Rear Support Walk

PH13 Around the world (no handles)

PH14 Around the world (Handles)

PH15 Stride Support

PH16 Squat Through

PH17 Front Support Walk w/ Band ?

PH18 Rear Support Walk w/ Band ?


Under Ring Shapes

R1 Candle Drill

R2 Candle Hang

R3 Basket Hang

R4 Pull to Candle

R5 Candle to Basket

R6 Basket to Candle

R7 Dorsal Hang

R8 German Hang

R8A German Hang Dismount

R9 Basket to German Hang

R10 German Hang to Basket

R11 Inverted Hang - feet on ground, pull around

R12 Tuck

R13 L Hang

Above Ring Shapes

R14 Support Hold

R14A Shoulder Pull Downs

R15 Back Lever Drill

R16 Tuck Support

R17 L-Sit Drill

R18 L Support

R19 Box to Shoulder Stand

R20 Press to Shoulder Stand


R21 Hang

R22 Hang with Ring Turns Out

R23 Overgrip Hang

R23A Wrist and Forearm Strength

R24 Chin-up

R24A L Chin up

R25 Chin-up (Overgrip)

R26 Floor Muscle-Up

R27 Negative Muscle-up

R28 Assisted Muscle-up

R29 Muscle-up

R30 Forward Felge Drill

R30A Forward Felge Box Drill

R30B Forward Felge Box Drill 2


R31 Swing Shapes - Hollow Arch

R32 Swing to 30o

R33 Swing with Pull/Push Action 

R34 Rope Inlocate Stretch - use band with knots for measure

R34A Rope dislocate lying down

R35 Floor Rocks with Ring Turn (Arch and Candle with hands out)

R36 Swing with Ring Turn

R37 Swing above 45o

R38 Swing to Candle

R39 Back Tuck Dismount

R40 Back Layout Dismount

R41 Back Uprise Drill


V1 Arm circles on board

V2 60 cm -> Beatboard -> 30 cm

V3 Run to Straight Jump

V3A Run to Tuck Jump

V3B Run to Punch Tuck Sit


V4 Diveroll with wedge/blocks

V5 Diveroll

V5 Front Salto

V5A ¾ Front Salto 

V5B Forward Salto to Tuck Sit

V6 Front Pike

V7 Front Layout between boxes

V8 Front Layout

V9 Squat on Vault


HS1 Angry Cat bounces (Trampoline)

HS2 Front Support Bounces (Trampoline)

HS3 Rabbit Jumps (Trampoline)

HS4 Kick to Handstand against wedge

HS5 Handstand Flatback w/ Wedge

HS5 Handstand Flatback with Falling Wedge

HS6 Handstand Flatback

HS7 Handstand Pop Flatback

HS8 Handspring

HS8A Handspring over Block

HS8B Handspring Over Barrel

HS9 Handstand Flatback (Table)

HS10 Dive Roll Over Table

HS11 Handspring (Table)

Parallel Bars

PB Walking on Pbars

PB1 Swings

PB2 Support Hold

PB3 Swing Shapes (Feet on Bar or Parallettes)

PB4 Lever Hop on Parallettes

PB5 Swings with Resistance

PB6 Front Support - Dismount on Parallettes

PB7 Swing to Front Support (Feet on Bar) + Dismount

PB8 Side Dismount

PB9 Handstand (Paralletes)

PB10 Swing to 45o

PB11 Swing to Handstand

PB12 Swing to Handstand + Dismount

PB13 Swing to Handstand in a row


PB14 Hang

PB15 Basket

PB16 Long Swings

PB17 Basket swings

PB18 Drop Kip Assisted

PB19 Drop Kip

PB20 Glide Kip Assisted

PB21 Glide Kip


PB22 Tuck Hang

Candle Hang

PB23 Tuck Support

PB24 Straddle Support

PB25 Support

PB26 Straddle List toward V-sit

PB27 Straddle L-sit

PB28 Tucked German Hang on Pbars

PB29 Dip to Shoulders 

PB30 L Hang to Basket to Candle

High Bar


HB0 Monkey Flip

HB1 Pull-Up Hold

HB2 Pull-Up

HB3 Pull-up in L-hang

HB4 Assisted Pullover

HB5 Pullover

HB6 Forward Roll to Hang

HB7 Forward Roll to L-Hang

HB8 Cast

HB9 Cast + Tucked BHC

HB10 Cast + BHC

HB11 Kip Drill


HB12 Tension Swings

HB12A Hollow Arches

HB13 Swing to and from box

HB14 Underswing

HB15 Underswing + 3 swings

HB16 Swing to 45o

HB17 Swing to Horizontal

HB18 Swing 1/2 turn dismount

HB19 Swing 1/2 Turn

HB20 Dead Cow


HB20 Hang

HB21 Lateral movement

HB22 Hanging Half Turn

HB23 Lateral Half Turns

HB24 L-Grip Hold

HB25 German Hang

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