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ALL Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Boys and Girls Curriculum Cards 600+ (Not new Advanced)

ALL Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Boys and Girls Curriculum Cards 600+ (Not new Advanced)

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These are electronic PDFs in 6 separate files due to size. It includes ALL the cards made to date.

Girls Cards: 


S1 Hollow

S1A Hollow Drill

S1B Hollow Balance Drill

S1C Partner Hollow Balance Drill

S2 Arch

S2A Arch Hold/Rocks Drill

S2B Hollow Arch Drill

S2C Hollow Arches on Rings

S3 Candle

S3A Candle Drill

S4 Hollow Arch Hollow Arch

S5 Push Up Position

S5A Push Up Position Drill

S6 Tuck

S6A Tuck Drill

S7 Straddle

S7A Straddle Drill

S8 Pike

S8A Pike Drill

S9 Kneeling Position Drill On Wall Bars

S9A Kneeling Position Drill

S10 T-Hands

S11 Neutral Hands

S12 W Hands

S13 Arms Side Middle

S14 Arms in Crown

S15 Arms Front Middle

S16 Hands on Hips

S17 Arms in High V

S18 Passé

S18B Passé Hold Drill

S18A Passé balance drill

S19 Relevé

S19A Beam Feet

S20 Tendu

S21 Arabesque

S22 Scale

S23 Needle

S24 Knee Scale

S25 Side Scale

S26 Front Split Drill

S26A Split Jump

S26B Split Jump Drill off Mat

S26C Front Split 

S27 Middle Splits on Beam

S27B Middle Splits

S28 Neutral Head

S29 Open Vs. Closed Shoulders

S30 Open Shoulder Drill

S31 Bridge

S31A Back bend

S31B Spotted Backbend

S31C Bridge Walks

S31D Backbend Drill

S32 Twisting

S33 Toe Point Articulation Drill

Handstand Progressions

H0 HS Walk Feet Up Wall

H1 Lever

H2 Lever Hop

H3 Handstand

H3A Handstand Snap with two Feet

H4 Half Handstand

H4A Half handstand shoulder taps

H5 Spotted Handstand

H6 Bent Leg Handstand Hold

H7 Switch the Feet Against Wall

H8 Headstand Tripod

H9 Headstand

H10 Lunge-T-Lever-T-Lunge

H11 Partner Spotted Handstand Switch the Feet

H12 Lunge - T - Lever with cartwheel hands - T - lunge

H13 Handstand forward roll against panel mat

H14 Lying Handstand Drill

H15 Handstand Chest Roll Down

H16 Piked forward roll to stand

H17 Lengthening Handstand Drill

Cartwheel Progressions

C0 Beginner Cartwheel Drill

C1 Cartwheel Over a Mat

C2 Over a Mat Between Pit Block Tower 

C3 Over a Mat With Foam Block

C4 Against a Wall

C5 Cartwheel Step in Drill

C6 Cartwheel Step-in Fall in Hollow

C7 2-3 in a Row

C8 Up Down Cartwheels

C9 Cartwheel on a Line

C10 Running Cartwheel 

C11 Switch Leg Cartwheel

C12 Lunge - T - Turn Drill

C13 Cartwheel over a mat in front of wedge

C14 Aerial Needle Kick

C15 Aerial Off Spring Board

C16 aerial Drill - Cartwheel Up Wedge

Round off Progressions 

R0 Passé Hop Drill

R1 Round off to Pike or Belly

R2 Handstand Snap With Block

R2A Handstand Snap 

R3 Off a Panel Mat

R4 Off End of Mat - Rebound on Mat

R5 To Knees

R5A Round off to knees-Stand

R6 Off Spring Board

R7 Jump to Back on Wedge in Hollow

R8 Round Off to Elevated Knees

R9 Power hurdle drill

R9A Simple Power Hurdle Prep

R10 Round off Scoots

R11 T-hand position for round off drill

R12 Cartwheel step in through collar to Fall Back In Hollow

R13 Round off up a Panel Mat

R14 Hurdle/Block Drill

Front Salto Progressions

F1 Forward Roll of Wedge

F2 Forward Roll on wedge on Tumble Track

F3 Forward Roll Connections

F4 Run - Punch - Forward Roll Over Mat

F4A Forward roll on raised wedge

F5 Forward Roll Into the Pit

F6 Forward roll step out drill 

F7 Forward roll up wedge

F8 Travel Jumps to Cannon Ball

F9 Forward Roll on Small Mat (Beam)

F10 Forward Roll

F11 Forward Roll Reach

F12 Straddle Roll

F12A Straddle Roll to Straddle Stand

F12B Connected Straddle Rolls

F13 Piked forward roll to stand

F14 dive roll over a wedge

F15 Forward Salto into Pit Off Spring Board

F16 No Handed Roll

F17 Pike Roll

F17A Pike Roll - Easier

F17B Pike Roll - Easiest

Back Salto Progressions

BS0 Backward Roll Drill

BS1 Backward Roll on Wedge

BS1A Backward roll down falling wedge

BS2 Straight Arm Backward Roll on Wedge

BS2A straight arm backward roll to barrel

BS3 Backward Roll Off Mat

BS4 Jump back on Wedge in tuck - roll

BS5 Backward roll into pit

BS6 Jump Forward - Punch - Tuck Jump Backwards

BS7 Back Straddle Roll

BS8 Piked Backward Roll

BS9 Backward Flip Over Mailbox

BS10 Back Extension Roll

BS11 Set Drill

Walkover Progressions

  W0 Spotted Backbends

W1 Headstand to Kickover

W2 Handstand Bridge To Kickover On a Mat/Wedge

W3 Backover Over a Barrel

W4 Front Walkover Over a Barrel

W6 Ticktock on Block/pacman/wedge

W7 Bridge Up Kick Drill on Wedge

W7A Bean Bag kickover drill

W8 Needle Kick

W9 Bridge, Walk Up, and Kick Over Off Wall

W10 Back Walkover to Handstand

W11 Valdez Entry

W12 Backwalkover

W12A Backwalkover to Elevated Leg

W13 Front Walkover

W13A Front Walkover to Elevated Leg

Handspring Progressions

HS1 FHS Pick Up Block and Fall in Tight ARch

HS2 Back Limber Off Block

HS3 Back Handspring Over Barrel (typo)

HS4 BHS Drill to Wall

HS5 Jump Fly Back

HS6 Front Limber Off Panel Mat

HS7 Back Limber

HS8 Bridge Shoulder Opening Drill 

HS9 Back handspring over barrel to belly

HS10 Bridge Hops

HS11 Back Limber to Handstand

HS12 BHS Drill

HS13 Forward Roll to Back Handspring Roll Down

HS14 Back Handspring Roll Down 

Bar Drills

B1 Jump to Front Support

B2 Hollow Swings

B3 Back Hip Circle Drill

B3A Fold Over Bar - Shift, Come back to FS shift

B3B Back Hip Circle Drill2

B3C Now Cast ½ BHC

B3D No Cast BHC

B3E Double BHC Drill

B3F Banded BHC Drill

B3G Beginner bhc Drill 1

B3H Beginner BHC Drill 2

B4 Stride Support Drill

B5 Pullover Drill with Large Barrel

B5A Block Pullovers

B5B Lying Pullover Drill

B5C Advanced Pull Over Drill

B6 Straddle swings

B6A Straddle Hangs with toes on bar

B7 Casting Shape

B7A Cast

B7B Hollow cast drill

B7C Hollow cast - forward roll drill

B7D Hollow Cast Shape Drill

B7E Shoulders Over the Bar 

B7F Cast Shape Strength Drill

B7G Cast with Resistance Band

B8 Tuck Support Holds 

B9 Glide Swing Drills - “C” and “I”

B10 Hip Lifts

B11 Forward Roll Dismount - to tuck 

B12 Front Hip Circle - Arm Tension Drill

B12A FHC Tension Drill

B12B FHC Drill

B12C Beginner FHC Drill

B12D FHC Drill 2

B12E Banded FHC Drill

B13 Partner Assisted Cast Shape

B14 Hollow/Arches on High Bar

B14A Dead Hangs 

B15 Monkey Climbs across Pbars

B16 Jump to Front Support - 3 Casts 

B17 Monkey Flip

B18 Front support with partner leg tightness 

B19 Cast off dismount

B19A Cast off to two blocks on side 

B20 Bent knee tap swings 

B21 Spotted casts

B22 Spotted back hip circles

B23 Stride Circle Drill

B24 Spotted Shoot Through

B25 Straddle Sole Circle block drill

B25A Spotted Straddle Swings to Dismount

B25B Straddle Sole Circle Dismount Arch drill

B25C Sole Circle Dismount landing drill

B25D Straddle Sole Circle Discount Drill

B26 Monkey shimmy over block

B27 Front Support with Straddle Toe Touches

B28 Step on floor bar - forward roll forward

B28A Step on floor bar - tap high bar

B29 Straddle travels

B30 Pike Swings - drop the block

B31 Jump/step on to floor bar from push up - Jump to high bar from floor bar with spot

B32 Jump/step on to floor bar from push up - stretch jump forward onto block

B33 Pbar pullovers

B34 Pbar around the worlds

B35 Pull over off wedge

B36 Straddle on floor bar fall to bottom/pike

B37 Monkey Flips with stride hang

B38 Front support on pbars - alternating splits (10x)

B39 Pike Leg Lifts on Parallettes 

B40 Casting drill on floor bar to elevated blocks

B41 Glide swings

B41A Glide swing slider drill

B41B Glide swing with strength bands         

B41C Glide Swing Approach      

B42 Slider pike ups

B43 Parallette bars push up tuck through to inverted pushup

B44 Underswing Dismount Drill

B44A Spotted Underswing Dismount

B45 Squat on Drill

B45 Squat on Drill with Rings

B45A Cast Squat on/straddle on drill

B46 Hanging Shapes

B47 Partner Tuck Hang with Block

B48 Partner Assisted Candle Holds

B49 Half Turn on High Bar

B50 Candle Hangs on Pbars

B50A Candle Hang on Rings

B51 Spotted Basket Hangs

B52 Stride Support Change Directions

B53 Straight Arm Seat Drop to FS

B54 Shoot Through to Cut Back

B55 Body Tightness with Bungie

B55A Body Tightness with Stick

B56 Support Walks with Block

B57 Kip

B57A Kip Finish Drill

B57B Extended glide - Toes to Bar Drill (KIP)

B58 Cast at 45 Degree Hold Drill

B59 Cast Handstand on Bungees

B60 Cast Switch Grip Drill

B61 Birdy Perch

B62 Jump to high bar drill

B63 ½ Turn Dismount Drill

B64 Tap Swings

B64A Tap Swing Hollow Arches

B64B Tap Swing Hollow Swings

B64C Tap Swing Drill on High Bar

B64D Spotted Tap Swings

B65 Stem rise with one leg to bar

B66 Drop Kip Drill

B67 Drop Kip Drill 2

B68 Clear Hip Drop Drill

B69 Clear Hip/Giant Drill

B70 Clear Hip Drill

B71 Glide Swing Entry Drill

B72 Glide Swing Drill

B73 Pike Compression Drill

Beam Drills

BB0 Beam Walks

BB1 Beam Handstand Beginner Drill

BB2 Pivot Turn

BB3 Side Cartwheel Handstand Drill 

BB3A Side Cartwheel Handstand

BB3B Side Cartwheel Handstand Wall Drill 

BB3C Side Cartwheel Handstand Flathip drill

BB4 Split Jump Drill

BB4A Split Jump on Beam

BB4B Split Jump Block Drill Front

BB4C Split Jump Block Drill Back

BB5 Lever Drill

BB5A Lever 

BB5B Lever Hop on Beam

BB6 Side Cartwheel Handstand ¼ Twist Drill

BB6A Side Cartwheel Handstand Twist Drill

BB6B Side Cartwheel Handstand Twist Drill

BB7 Handstand Flatback off the End of the Beam

BB8  Beginner Lever Drill - "W" hands 1. Pike Over 2. Squat 3. Arms up 4. stand

BB9 FS Mount 

BB10 Stride support mount

BB11 Split handstand drill on floor beam

BB12 Beam Sits: Tuck, V sit, Pike, Straddle, Candle

BB12A Lay on Beam - Pike - Straddle

BB13 Backward sit mount on beam

BB14 Half handstand on beam drill

BB15 Stretch Jump on Beam

BB16 Jumps off Beam

BB17 Straddle hold on beam with W

BB18 Squat on mount

BB19 Kneeling Mount 

BB19B Jump Straddle Mount

BB20 Side Turn Walks 

BB21 Jump ¼ Turn

BB22 Jump ½ Turn Drill

BB23 Round off Dismount

BB23A Round off Dismount to knees

BB23B Round off Dismount

BB23C Round off half turn drill

BB23D Round off Dismount with block

BB23E Round off Half Twist

BB24 Springboard Jump Mount 

BB24A Springboard to One Foot 

BB25 Handstand two feet 

BB26 Heel Snap Turn

BB27 Cartwheel on Beam (need to make)

BB27A Cartwheel on Beam Wall Drill

BB28 Forward Roll Dismount

BB29 Shoulder stretch on beam

BB30 Quad stretch on beam

BB31 Kneeling Cartwheel on Beam

BB32 Cartwheel Swing Through Drill

BB33 Backward Roll

BB34 FHS Dsimount

BB35 Double Jump Drill

BB36 Tuck Jump

BB37 Wolf Jump

Beam Drills with Block

BL1 Crown Position Drill

BL2 Lever

BL3 Pivot Turn

BL4 Advanced Lever Over Block

BL5 Side Cartwheel Handstand Over Block

BL6 Stretch Jump on Beam

BL7 Stretch Jump Dismount

BL8 Round off Over Block

BL9 Leap over Block

BL10 Bunny Hops

BL11 Long Jumps

BL12 Walks Over Blocks 

BL13 Squat Pivot Turn

BL14 Step over Block - Jumps off the Beam

BL15 Partner Beam Sit Ups with Block

BH1 High Relevé Walks with hoop

BH2 Forward kicks with hoop

BH3 1/4 heel snap turn with hoop

BH4 Dismount with hoop

BH5 Stretch jump with hoop

BH6 Hop on one foot with hoop

BH7 relevé presses with hoop

Vault Drills

V1 1 Foot, 2 Feet, 2 Feet

V2 ¾ Handstand

V2A Static ¾ Handstand Hold

V3 Beginner Round Off Vault

V3A Round off Vault over block 

V3B Round off Vault Drill

V3C Round off vault to knees

V3D Round off over barrel

V4 Handstand Flat Back on a Wedge

V4A Handstand Flat Back

V4B Handstand flatback on wedge

V5 Handstand Flat Back with Falling Wedge

V6 Running Drill - Lunge Walk

V8 bouncing Running drill

V9 Single leg heel drives on trainer or block

V10 Board drill off mat (jump back on bat) 

V11 Split handstand, come together flatback

V12 Backward Arm Circles 

V13 Jump off Block - Board - Jump on Block

V14 Donkey Kicks - Lift the Hips

V15 Donkey Kicks - Heel drives

V16 Squat on block or table trainer

V17 Stretch Jump Vault

V17A Stretch Jump to trainer

V19 Jumps off Trainer

V20 Log Rolls with Block

V21 Jumps to Table Trainer 

V22 Jumps on Board with Block Above Head

V23 Jump Full Turns

V24 Run punch Jump into Pit and Run through Pit

V25 Fall in handstand Over Barrel to FB

V26 Vault Drill Off Wall

V27 Penguin Slides

V28 3 spring board drill

V29 Bunny Hops

V29A Bunny Hops down the tumble track

V30 Push up position hops across tumble track

V31 Front Handspring Vault Drill

V31A Handstand over Barrel

V32 Stick Drill

V33 Tuck jump over a wedge

V34 Handstand flatback over a wedge

V35 Block Drill

V36 Resistance Running Drill

V37 Punch Drill

V38 Handstand Flatback off Tramp

V39 Handstand Flatback Twist Drill

V40 Half on to stomach on Wedge

V41 HS Flatback Half Twist Drill

V42 ½ on ½ off Twist Drill

V43 Support Hops With Thigh Taps

V44 Support Hops, Reaching in Front

V45 Knees to Handstand Down the Tramp

V46 Knees to Handstand Backwards

V47 Bear Hops With Knee Touches

V48 Round off to Knees

V49 Stretch Jump to HS Flatback

V50 FHS to Flatback

Tramp Drills

T0 Safety Fall

T1 Back Arm Circles

T2 Travel Jumps

T3 Seat Drop

T3A Seat Drop Drill

T4 Handstand Flatback

T5 Routine Arms

T6 ¾ Handstand Drill

T7 Cannonball on Pit pillow

T8 Swivel Hips Drill

T9 Travel Jumps to Forward Roll on Pit Pillow

T10 Jump half Turn

T11 Routine 2 Trampoline Routine

T12 Jump Full Turn

T13 Pike Jump

T14 ¾ Front Layout to Back

T15 Kneeling Jumps

T16 Hands and Knees Position

T17 Front Drop from Knees

T17A Front Drop

T18 Pool Noodle Jump Drill

T19 Forward Peanut Roll

T20 Backward Peanut Roll

T21 Back Drop

T22 ¾ Forward Salto to Back Drop

T23 Seat Drop to Handstand

T24 Back Salto to Front Drop

L1 Forward Passé Turn Entry Drill

L2 Basic Leap Drill

L3 Leap Pass Drill

L4 Passé Turn with Wall 

L5 Leg Kicks on Wall Bars

L6 Leap Drill off Panel Mat

L7 Heel Snap Turn with Beach Ball or Hoola Hoop

L8 Beginner Switch Leap Drill on Tramp

L9 Heel snap turn with beanbag

L10 Chasse

L11 Full Turn in a Hula Hoop

L12 Full Turn on a Slider

L13 Full torn on the slider between two mats

L14 Leg Lifts on an elevated surface

L15 elevated leg relevé holds

L16 Elevated Rear Leg Releve Holds

Strength (Muscle) Drills

M0 Sits ups, Push ups and Squats

M1 Beam Sit Ups

M1A Beam Sit Ups Pass the Block

M2 Beam Pull Ups

M3 Monkey Crawls Under Beam

M4 Bear Crawl on Beam

M5 Inch Worms on Beam

M6 Push Up Position Walks on Beam

M7 Hurdle Arm Strength

M8 Dips on P-Bars

M9 Assisted Chin Ups on P-Bars

M10 Push Ups on Pbars - Add Support Swing

M11 Mountain Climbers on Sliders

M12 Press Handstand Drills

M12D Straddle to Handstand on Tramp

M12E Straddle Press on Side of Tramp

M13 Bosu Ball Hold

M14 Candle Roll to Box Jump

M15 Knee Slider Drill

M16 Plank Block Taps

M18 Candle Roll to Stretch Jump

M19 Tuck and Straddle Holds

M20 Handstand/Push up Shoulder Shrugs

M21 V ups Passing Block

M22 Line Drills

M23 Walk Across pit with block on head (no hands) 

M24 Squats on Beam

M25 Plank Up Downs

M26 Balance on Semi Circle

M27 Side Arm Raises

M28 Shoulder Presses

M29 Squats

M30 Lunges

M31 Four corner jumps

M32 Diagonal Jumps

M33 Balance on rolling barrel

M34 Résistance Relevé on Beam

M35 Resistance Jumps on Beam

M36 Mat Push

M37 Switch Feet Box Jump

M38 Leg Tightness Drill

M39 Leg Tightness Drill 2

M40 Handstand Drill

M41 Hollow Tension Drill


G1 Wobble, Dance, Freeze - Practice Safety Falls

G2 Coach Says Game

G3 Stick It Game

G4 Relay Race to Build Tower in Pit

G5 Team Stick Game

G6 Block Lever Tower

G7 Jump Memory Game

G8 Beam over Unders

G9 Jump Over River Game

G10 Brick Cooperation/Balance Game

G11 Block candle pass


Boys Cards:



FS1 Forward Roll (Wedge)

FS2 Forward Roll

FS3 Connected Forward Rolls

FS4 Dive Roll

FS4A Dive Roll Drills

FS5 Straddle Roll

BS1 Backward Roll (wedge)

BS2 Backward Roll (wedge) to Pushup

BS3  Backward Roll

BS4 Straight Arm Backward Roll

BS5 Backward Roll to Handstand

BS6 Backward Straddle Roll

ER1 Endo Roll on Box

ER2 Endo Roll on Floor

ER3 Endo Roll to Handstand

Scales, Holds  and Jumps

S1 Front Scale

S2 Side Scale

S3 Back Scale

S4 Sissone Drill

S5 Punch

S6 Arch to Straddle

S7 Y Scale

S8 Jump Full Turn


H1 Bunny Hop

H2 Tuck Handstand

H3 Piked Handstand

H4 Tripod

H5 Three-point Headstand

H6 L Handstand

H7 Handstand

H8 Handstand Forward Roll

H8A Handstand Forward Roll Drill

H9 Pike-up Handstand Forward Roll

H9A Pike-up Handstand Forward Roll Drill

H10 Press to Stand

H10A Press to Handstand Drill 

H11 Press to Handstand (Wall)

H12 Press to Handstand

H13 Pirouette Drill

H14 Handstand shoulder taps on wall

H15 Wall Walk in Handstand

H16 Forward Roll to Handstand


RO1 Cartwheel over mat

RO2 Cartwheel off mat

RO3 Side Cartwheel

RO4 Cartwheel 1/4 Turn-in

RO5 Cartwheel between wedges

RO6 Hurdle + Cartwheel

RO7 Hurdle + Round-off

RO8 Round off Fall Backward



PH1 Support Shape Holds

PH1A Elevated Support Shape Holds


PH2 Walk through circle

PH3 Jump through circle

PH4 1/4 Circle

PH5 1/2 Circle

PH6 3/4 Circle

PH7 1/1 Circle

PH8 >1 Circle


PH9 Front Support (Handles)

PH10 Support Walk P-Bars

PH11 Front Support Walk

PH12 Rear Support Walk

PH13 Around the world (no handles)

PH14 Around the world (Handles)

PH15 Stride Support

PH16 Squat Through

PH17 Front Support Walk w/ Band ?

PH18 Rear Support Walk w/ Band ?


Under Ring Shapes

R1 Candle Drill

R2 Candle Hang

R3 Basket Hang

R4 Pull to Candle

R5 Candle to Basket

R6 Basket to Candle

R7 Dorsal Hang

R8 German Hang

R8A German Hang Dismount

R9 Basket to German Hang

R10 German Hang to Basket

R11 Inverted Hang - feet on ground, pull around

R12 Tuck

R13 L Hang

Above Ring Shapes

R14 Support Hold

R14A Shoulder Pull Downs

R15 Back Lever Drill

R16 Tuck Support

R17 L-Sit Drill

R18 L Support

R19 Box to Shoulder Stand

R20 Press to Shoulder Stand


R21 Hang

R22 Hang with Ring Turns Out

R23 Overgrip Hang

R23A Wrist and Forearm Strength

R24 Chin-up

R24A L Chin up

R25 Chin-up (Overgrip)

R26 Floor Muscle-Up

R27 Negative Muscle-up

R28 Assisted Muscle-up

R29 Muscle-up

R30 Forward Felge Drill

R30A Forward Felge Box Drill

R30B Forward Felge Box Drill 2


R31 Swing Shapes - Hollow Arch

R32 Swing to 30o

R33 Swing with Pull/Push Action 

R34 Rope Inlocate Stretch - use band with knots for measure

R34A Rope dislocate lying down

R35 Floor Rocks with Ring Turn (Arch and Candle with hands out)

R36 Swing with Ring Turn

R37 Swing above 45o

R38 Swing to Candle

R39 Back Tuck Dismount

R40 Back Layout Dismount

R41 Back Uprise Drill


V1 Arm circles on board

V2 60 cm -> Beatboard -> 30 cm

V3 Run to Straight Jump

V3A Run to Tuck Jump

V3B Run to Punch Tuck Sit


V4 Diveroll with wedge/blocks

V5 Diveroll

V5 Front Salto

V5A ¾ Front Salto 

V5B Forward Salto to Tuck Sit

V6 Front Pike

V7 Front Layout between boxes

V8 Front Layout

V9 Squat on Vault


HS1 Angry Cat bounces (Trampoline)

HS2 Front Support Bounces (Trampoline)

HS3 Rabbit Jumps (Trampoline)

HS4 Kick to Handstand against wedge

HS5 Handstand Flatback w/ Wedge

HS5 Handstand Flatback with Falling Wedge

HS6 Handstand Flatback

HS7 Handstand Pop Flatback

HS8 Handspring

HS8A Handspring over Block

HS8B Handspring Over Barrel

HS9 Handstand Flatback (Table)

HS10 Dive Roll Over Table

HS11 Handspring (Table)

Parallel Bars

PB Walking on Pbars

PB1 Swings

PB2 Support Hold

PB3 Swing Shapes (Feet on Bar or Parallettes)

PB4 Lever Hop on Parallettes

PB5 Swings with Resistance

PB6 Front Support - Dismount on Parallettes

PB7 Swing to Front Support (Feet on Bar) + Dismount

PB8 Side Dismount

PB9 Handstand (Paralletes)

PB10 Swing to 45o

PB11 Swing to Handstand

PB12 Swing to Handstand + Dismount

PB13 Swing to Handstand in a row


PB14 Hang

PB15 Basket

PB16 Long Swings

PB17 Basket swings

PB18 Drop Kip Assisted

PB19 Drop Kip

PB20 Glide Kip Assisted

PB21 Glide Kip


PB22 Tuck Hang

Candle Hang

PB23 Tuck Support

PB24 Straddle Support

PB25 Support

PB26 Straddle List toward V-sit

PB27 Straddle L-sit

PB28 Tucked German Hang on Pbars

PB29 Dip to Shoulders 

PB30 L Hang to Basket to Candle

High Bar


HB0 Monkey Flip

HB1 Pull-Up Hold

HB2 Pull-Up

HB3 Pull-up in L-hang

HB4 Assisted Pullover

HB5 Pullover

HB6 Forward Roll to Hang

HB7 Forward Roll to L-Hang

HB8 Cast

HB9 Cast + Tucked BHC

HB10 Cast + BHC

HB11 Kip Drill


HB12 Tension Swings

HB12A Hollow Arches

HB13 Swing to and from box

HB14 Underswing

HB15 Underswing + 3 swings

HB16 Swing to 45o

HB17 Swing to Horizontal

HB18 Swing 1/2 turn dismount

HB19 Swing 1/2 Turn

HB20 Dead Cow


HB20 Hang

HB21 Lateral movement

HB22 Hanging Half Turn

HB23 Lateral Half Turns

HB24 L-Grip Hold

HB25 German Hang

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